TTO onderbouw
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CLIL door groepslk= TTO, FILM, DVD

Engels door vaklk= EN, TEST

CLIL door vaklk=CLIL+subject


1a. TTO-old MacDonald (digital lesson 30mins)

1b. EN- old MacDonald


2a. FILM- words and pictures- hungry fox and foxy duck

2b. EN- Five little ducks (CLIL maths: counting back from 5)


3a. DVD balamory sausages

3b. EN- footprints (CLIL science: nature)


4a. DVD- Wallace and Gromit a close shave

4b. EN- sheep (CLIL- science: nature)


5a. FILM- words and pictures- Oink and Pearl

5b. TTO- chicken/ repitition (with test???)

5c. TEST (smartboard- to be made)


CLIL gym: kinderyoga with animal poses

CLIL gym: spelles animal games



(Advertentie voor leraar of ouder)